January 21, 2014 new talk “A Trail of Empties” by Tom Bown, at our new location at UVic

In association with the Anthropology Department of UVic

Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 7:30 pm
Cornett Building B129, University of Victoria

A Trail of Empties

A talk by Tom Bown

Global expansion from the 17th century on could likely be studied just by the trail of bottles left behind. Fortunately glass preserves well and, based on the style and method of manufacture, can offer some very precise dating tools. In an archeological context glass fragments are often the first indication of contact or trade with the outside world. They can also offer information about a site and the people who lived there. During the talk I will offer an overview of how to identify and date glass bottles along with some “hands on” examples.

Feel free to bring examples of your own.

Tom is a graduate of the University of Victoria. He spent about three years with the Royal BC Museum archaeology division prior to starting a career with the Canadian Forest Service. His latest project with the CFS was to develop a searchable database of long-term and historic research sites for Canada. He has maintained a close association with archaeology and most recently worked with a Bermuda marine archeologist to document the glass bottles used by the Royal Navy. A publication on that project is in

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