Lansdowne Lecture Series: Dr. Mary Lewis!

Be sure to attend this exciting Lansdowne Lecture with Dr. Mary Lewis titled “Teenage Kicks: Osteological Evidence for the Lived Experience of Adolescents in Medieval England (AD 900-1550)”!

Tuesday January 22nd at 7PM
David Turpin Building, Room A110
Presented by the Department of Anthropology, University of Victoria

Check out the poster here!


“An innovative researcher in the field of bioarchaeology,
Dr. Mary Lewis has conducted pioneering studies into the health
and lifestyles of children and adolescents from the Roman and
medieval periods and is the author of The Bioarchaeology of
Children (Cambridge University Press, 2007) and Paleopathology
of Children (Academic Press, 2017). In this lecture, she combines
historical accounts with archaeological data from over 3,000
teenaged individuals representing over 150 sites to create a
detailed picture of the lives of teenagers in medieval England.”