Kamloops ASBC Chapter

The Kamloops ASBC Chapter provides lectures and workshops in the Kamloops area, and several members are involved in the production of the “Dig It” series. Activity has slowed due to Covid but will continue next year. For more information contact kamloops.asbc@gmail.com.

ASBC/BCAPA Establishment of new Midden Board

The ASBC has created a new editorial board for The Midden journal, and has partnered with the BCAPA (BC Association of Professional Archaeologists) to support the journal as an open access publication into the future. This new board is a collaboration of Indigenous, academic and CRM archaeological professionals from around British Columbia. The ASBC and BCAPA are jointly funding the Journal and will regularly contribute material for their respective memberships, but otherwise will hand off creative control and vision to this new team. The board’s first issue is expected winter of 2020.

The Midden journal will now be open-access and distributed online via www.uvic.ca/journals immediately upon publication, and will no longer be exclusively accessed by ASBC membership for 6 months prior to online distribution.

Please enjoy the articles of The Midden and we look forward to sharing more on this new chapter of the journal under the leadership of the newly established Midden Editorial Board. Stay posted for future issues!

Awards and Funding

ASBC Gerald Merner Field School Award

The ASBC contributes two annual awards of $300 to an undergraduate student and/or Indigenous community member participating in their first archaeological field school.

Details for application: Usually made on recommendation of field school instructor, practicing archaeologist, or First Nations member. Due to field school cancellations during the Covid-19 pandemic, this award is on hiatus.

ASBC Carbon-14 Award

The ASBC will accept applications from First Nation communities and post secondary students in B.C. looking to date archaeological or important cultural materials. Six dates will be offered annually, with a limit of one per applicant. A short application and results write-up will be requested for publication in The Midden.

This award is offered thanks to the help of three AMS laboratories throughout North America who have generously offered free C-14 dates for indigenous communities and students through the ASBC.

  • E. Lalonde AMS Laboratory at the University of Ottawa
  • DirectAMS in Bothwell, Washington
  • Keck-Carbon Cycle AMS facility at the University of California

The ASBC will pay for one of the six dates and will cover all sample delivery costs.

Details for application:

  • One date sample per applicant.
  • Application must either be from a B.C. First Nation or an enrolled B.C. post secondary student (with letter of support from academic supervisor/professor). Applications may be accepted from other institutions if there is a strong demonstration of support from associated First Nation and a lack of external funding.
  • Material associated with otherwise well-funded development or CRM projects will not be accepted.
  • Written application and results of dating will be submitted to the ASBC (midden@gmail.com) for publication in The Midden journal.
  • Application (400 word limit) must clearly explain the origins of the object or material and reasons for interest in it’s dating.
  • Results, when known to the applicant, will be outlined and submitted to The Midden journal within two weeks of receiving dating results (500 word limit).
  • In particular circumstances, the ASBC will reserve its funding to cover a single C-14 sample date considered to be sensitive material not suitable for publication. The details of this date sample will not be made public.
ASBC/ BCAPA Grade School Archaeology Speaker Funding

The ASBC and BC Association of Professional Archaeologists (BCAPA) have partnered to fund archaeologists and indigenous cultural experts to guest speak at provincial grade schools throughout B.C. (or remote lectures during Covid).

The ASBC has also secured a City of Victoria Strategic Grant to fund additional archaeologists speaking at grade schools within the Greater Victoria Region.

CRM companies willing to provide archaeologist volunteers and or funding to this will be recognized in The Midden journal and elsewhere as partners in this initiative, and will receive charitable tax receipts for their contributions.

Archaeologists/cultural experts may apply with a school in mind, or request to be connected with a school in their region. The ASBC is regularly contacted by schools and teachers requesting archaeologist speakers, so we strongly encourage archaeologists to volunteer their contact information for future class visits. Contact us for details at asbc.president@gmail.com

Details for application:

  • Archaeologist must submit a resume and/or reference to show that they have at least one of the following:
  • 7 years experience in CRM or academic position (or),
  • BCAPA membership (or),
  • completing or recently completed graduate or post-graduate studies at a B.C. university, with recommendation from supervisor (or),
  • are an approved speaker in the local school district.
  • Indigenous expert should have archaeological and/or cultural experience and recommendation from First Nation administration office, educational institution or CRM company.
  • applicant may submit an abstract of proposed talk/lesson/workshop. Note, presentations may also be general and geared towards informal Q and A presentations. Topic’s must relate to B.C. archaeology.
  • following acceptance of proposal, applicant must show correspondence with applicable school.
  • limit of 4 school visits funded per individual. The decision to fund an individual beyond this number of classes will depend on annual allocation of funds and number of applicants available regionally.
  • between $100-$200 awarded to archaeologist for talk/lesson/workshop per school (depending on school funding contribution available). Larger grants may be given to those schools in greater need of financial assistance. Additional transportation costs, educational materials, etc. may be funded through “Scientists in Schools” Program (https://www.scienceworld.ca/sis/, contact us for details).

Workshops and Lectures

ASBC/University of Victoria Lecture Series

Our Tuesday night lecture series is on hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will restart following distribution of a vaccine. We are working on producing a number of online talks to share with members in the interim and may do fall field trips.

Tree Coring Workshop

The ASBC has proposed an informal dendrochronology workshop with Professor Bethany Coulthard from the University of Nevada (https://geoscience.unlv.edu/people/department-faculty/bethany-coulthard/) for CRM professionals and academics. If you have an interest in this workshop November 2020, please let us know. The workshop will take place over Zoom with a field component.

Dendrochronology basics
Training in cross-dating, increment boring, sample processing

Cost will be $50 a person ($35 for ASBC members) and subsidized by the ASBC. Contact asbc.president@gmail.com if you would like more details (limit of 10 individuals)