In joining the Archaeological Society of British Columbia, a person agrees to uphold the following aims and ethics:
• To encourage the identification, recording and protection of archaeological materials and any established or likely archaeological site in British Columbia.
• To discourage the sale of, or the placing of a commercial value on any artifact.
• To abide by the heritage legislation of British Columbia. This legislation states that archaeological survey and excavations may be undertaken only under permit and that a report on all findings must be filed with the Minister in charge. In addition a member agrees to make any surface finds in his or her possession available for inspection and study by professional archaeologists and First Nations.

Annual membership fees
Individual -$25
Family -$30
Student -$18
Senior/Unwaged/BCAPA Member -$18
Corporate or Institutional: $100

Membership gets you exclusive access to PDFs of and online access to Midden journal for the first year of release, access to annual museum tours, workshops and lectures, and discounts on BCAPA membership until December 31st, 2019.

Use this Membership Form to sign up for or renew your membership (payment via PayPal), or download this pdf and email it to us along with an etransfer: ASBC 2020 Membership Form

Contact us for additional information or if you have any questions, and to send us your completed membership form:

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